• How It Works

    Rental Equipment (Typically 24 Hours)



    Give us a call to schedule your rental for wet or dry trimming.



    Pickup the machine or arrange delivery.



    We give guidance on setup and best practices on processing.



    We pick the machine up and clean it offsite. Your job is done!

  • Offering Veteran, Multi-Day, and Week Long Discounts!

    Inquire by emailing info@green-harvestsolutions.com

    or call 207-228-2055!

  • Want to grow premium, top shelf cannabis flower?

    We like to say that 50% of

    the work happens after your

    plants are done growing.


    That's why we are proud to be now offering Consulting Services helping you harvest and process the amazing flower you've grown!

    With more than 6 years experience with his own garden and helping gardeners and farmers streamline their harvesting processes across New England, Rob Smith is excited to offer consulting services to help streamline and improve processes, reduce overhead and improve the quality of your final product.


    Whether you run a small cannabis garden or a large hemp farm, we have the experience and equipment to help you navigate the all important process of harvesting your plants and producing top quality flowers.